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This is an exciting phase of construction because the "theoretical" drawings quickly form into reality the concepts that took so long to think through and create on "paper." Steel framing was used in the house mainly for the resulting precision/straightness of the finished interior walls. The framing is contracted to Zach Warren.

The roof trusses used on the house were suggested by ReppMclain as a cost saving measure during the bidding phase. In one simple structure they form the roof as well as the interior ceilings and were installed in two days including the OSB sheathing. Otherwise there would have been a significant increase in labor to frame down from the roof level and form the interior ceilings. The 45 unique trusses, each one different than the rest due to the slanted wall and roof, were designed and manufactured by Grant Road Lumber.

The most significant beam is over the 36 foot window wall on the north side and weighs about 1,500 lbs. It is a traditional glue laminated beam made from 2x6 lumber.
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