Zenfolio | random1 | Jan 2015 - Four Months
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The punch list is finally done with the windows/doors being the last thing to finish up!

In the winter months we have been enjoying the southern exposure sun light which solar heats the house during the day about four degrees F (not too much) on the coldest days. The lighting effects from the southern windows vary greatly through the day and provide some interesting results.

Since moving in we have also worked on outfitting the closets. We install Ikea closet cabinets in the master bedroom closet which have more than enough storage space and provide a nice clean look. The second bedroom closet is now waiting for the cabinet doors to be made and installed, maybe by the end of February. The cabinet arrangement here is the same as the dining area and provides a nice working office area for printers, dog/cat supplies/feeding, and for practicing guitar.

The steel site walls are taking on lots of character with the rust process is full swing. Between the rains and nightly dew the rust patterns are more quickly progressing.

We had about two inches of snow on the ground at the beginning of January which is always a novelty deserving some photos.